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Each week, we’ll highlight the most important Cisco Partner Ecosystem news and stories, as well as point you to important, Cisco-related partner content you may have missed along the way. Here’s what you might have missed this week:

Off the Top

If you weren’t able to go or follow live, be sure to stop by Cisco SalesConnect for on-demand recordings of sessions from Partner Summit 2016.

Digital Transformation Is in Our DNA

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had someone from our fantastic distribution team stop by to share what’s top of mind. So, needless to say I was thrilled to have Oren Singer on this week.

In his first partner blog, Oren continues the conversation that was started at Partner Summit 2016 a couple of weeks ago. See how his personal experiences and work life collide to highlight the partner and distributor benefits of CiscoDNA.

Look for more regular posts from the distribution team and welcome to the partner blog, Oren!

It’s Time to Use the Engage Marketing Suite – and Win!

Marketing Velocity 2016 finished a couple of weeks back. And host of the event, Michelle Chiantera, is continuing the energized conversation and riding the momentum by taking a deeper dive in Engage, our latest marketing suite for partners.

Be sure to read her blog from this morning to get the full picture of the Marketing Velocity program and how you can start leveraging all it has to offer.

It surely is a digital world, and partners can now Engage with their customers in new ways.

CRN Channel Madness 2016

Last year, our cisco execs failed to make it out of the first round in this annual, light-hearted tournament. This year, we hope to change that and take our only entrant straight to the final four!

Be sure to stop by CRN and vote for our own Channel Chief, Wendy Bahr!

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