No matter what century you research, you’ll find innovative people doing things to make everyday life easier. Think of the Roman Aqueducts built more than two thousand years ago to move fresh water into the more populated areas. Or, consider the Wright Brothers in 1905 inventing their first powered aircraft that could sustain both flight and navigation.

These examples made life easier for the people at the time and for those who came afterward. At Cisco, our renewed focus on supporting Small and Midsize Businesses has given us a drive to also make it easier for them to take full ownership of how they pay for their Cisco hardware, software, and services over time.

Cisco Capital

Cisco Capital, through Cisco, offers partners and customers flexible payment solutions in how they purchase the needed tech to achieve the business outcomes they want. We never want budget to hold you back from getting the Cisco technology to help your business thrive.

Cisco Capital solutions help you:

  1. Bundle everything from hardware to services into a single payment
  2. Spread payments over time with less cash up front required
  3. Simplify your software license purchases
  4. Lock in costs, including renewals, for multi-year service agreements

Flexible Payment Solutions

There are multiple choices for how customers can pay for their solutions. From lifecycle management, consumption models, to traditional leasing or loans, there’s a financing solution that will best suit your budget needs. For our Small and Midsize Businesses, there is one that I’d like to feature.

Cisco Easy Pay

Through Cisco Easy Pay, customers can spread their expenses for Cisco hardware, software, and services over time into a single, predictable payment. Cisco Easy Pay enables customers to:

  • Spread payments over 3 to 5 years
  • Enhance cash flow and save capital
  • Access to below market rates
  • Provide full ownership of the equipment at the end of the term

For partners, Cisco Easy Pay lets you provide customers with a competitive, low-rate payment solution. This allows you to streamline selling motions with an offer that is easy to understand and manage. Lack of capital or budget no longer needs to hold customers back from accessing the right hardware, software, and services they need. With no upfront costs, customers can invest in other business priorities, innovate sooner, and accelerate their IT projects.

Make It Easy

With global availability and updated minimum deal sizes, it’s never been easier for partners and customers to sell Cisco. If you want to learn more about Cisco Easy Pay or any of the financing options available, you can learn more here or talk to specialist.


Learn more about Cisco Capital Flexible Payment Solutions


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John Brookbank

Vice President, Americas Distribution

WW Partner Sales