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Businesses continue innovating and transforming their infrastructure, enabling the hybrid workforce and meeting new demands in creating things and serving customers. Cisco Capital is committed to helping you – our partners – and your customers reimagine our future by making it easier and more cost-efficient to obtain the solutions businesses need to transform. Technology solutions have helped us solve the biggest business challenges.

Enabling Business Resilience

In April of 2020, Cisco Capital launched the Business Resiliency Program to help you and your customers continue innovating and adopt new technology solutions as businesses faced unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic. The program was designed to provide organizations with access to the solutions they need to keep their businesses running and productive, while supporting their workforce and communities.

As a result, you and your customers provided invaluable feedback helping us shape a new payment solutions portfolio better supporting you and meeting evolving requirements. These latest offers are geared towards helping you and your customers accelerate your digital agility in a cloud-first world. These solutions provide flexible choices creating more value and opportunities for customers, as well as helping you improve profitability.

New Payment Solutions

The new portfolio focuses on total technology solution bundles, software solutions, services solutions, and consumption solutions helping businesses access the technology they need without their budget standing in the way – wherever they are.

By helping our partners bundle the entire technology solution – including hardware, software, and services – you can reach more customers, scaling and improving their experience, helping them reimagine and transform their workforce and workplace. Bundling also allows you to better align and manage customer priorities, helping them realize the value of the solutions and your commitment to their success.

Our new software and services payment solutions help customers streamline purchases across the entire Cisco portfolio and spread payments over time. This helps lower administrative costs, saves time by negotiating a single contract and allows competitive rates for the duration of the contract to be locked in. Aligning costs to usage can help partners and their customers structure payment plans that work best for their business.

We are excited to offer new Cisco Enterprise Agreement Pay which allows customers to spread the cost of their enterprise agreements over time with terms of 3-5 years at no additional cost. This is available globally and helps partners sell at lower risk to their business. This also helps customers increase their profitability by leveraging payment structure and incentives when business outcomes are achieved. This enables partners to add greater value and insights to customers’ lifecycles.

We continue offering consumption payment solutions that enable our partners and help customers scale their business needs based on demand. With options to pay as you use and pay as you grow, business can better align future payments to actual usage down to per Terabyte, per server, per port or per virtual machine basis. We recognize businesses no longer want a static technology investment plan since they are consuming technology differently and want to pay for it differently, too.

Supporting a More Sustainable Future

Continuing our commitment to building a sustainable future, we are helping partners and customers shift towards models based on reuse and recycling. Our product Takeback and Reuse program allows Cisco equipment owners return hardware that has reached end-of-use, at no cost. All they do is call us, or contact us through our app, and we will send someone to retrieve the gear, box it up, wipe all sensitive information from it, and then remanufacture it so it can serve again for years to come. Product that cannot be remanufactured is recycled. This allows 99.8% of returned equipment to be reused of recycled.

Also, the Migration Incentive (formerly MIP) is designed to reward Partners with discounts and incentives for migrating customers to new technologies and returning their equipment, resulting in increased bookings, and expanded customer loyalty. This program is a fantastic way to protect their business, as it helps keep used gear from falling into the hands of unauthorized sellers preventing cannibalization of future sales.

Then there’s Cisco Refresh. Cisco Refresh is genuine, pre-owned Cisco equipment that has been completely remanufactured to like-new condition. It is fully warrantied, deeply discounted, Smart Net eligible and can often ship faster than new Cisco products. Because remanufactured equipment requires far less material, energy, and water to build, it is a worthwhile addition to any sustainability plan, and a powerful tool for partners helping customers minimize their environmental impact.

Cisco Capital is committed to helping partners strengthen their customer relationships, increase deal size, deliver complete managed service solutions, and close more profitable deals faster. We are excited to announce these new financing options and sustainability initiatives that support partners and their customers.

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