Boys Town is a non-profit that has spent over a century providing support and education to help at-risk kids suffering from abuse, abandonment, addiction and more. Since their inception in 1917, the organization has grown to the national level, offering programs for children and families across the U.S.

Boys Town currently has nine locations, each offering a set of child and family services including: group homes, foster care, parenting classes, behavioral health services and more. And, the organization is able to help over two million others throughout the country with its national hotline, online resources and a national research hospital.

Over the years, as additional offices were opened, organization-wide communication became increasingly difficult. With a core network infrastructure in each of its two data centers, each serving multiple office locations, network functionality became difficult, hindering the growing organization.

Sirius says…

We are a national integrator of technology-based business solutions spanning the enterprise. At Sirius, we’ve designed and installed IT systems for over 5,000 U.S. clients, therefore we were quickly able to evaluate the networking requirements for the non-profit.

Sirius teamed up with its networking partner, Cisco, to develop and implement the solution that would best fit Boys Town’s needs. Utilizing the Cisco ACI system, Sirius created a seamless network infrastructure that put all of Boys Town offices and data centers on the same page, while also tightening their network security to keep the families’ sensitive information safe and confidential.

The new system also allowed Boys Town another valuable opportunity: it freed up its in-house developers, which enabled them to design their own software without previous technical limitations. Now they can innovate, automate and completely customize the way they communicate and serve families, whether by phone or video chat.

With the right solution to help streamline networking and communications, Boys Town has reached its goal of expanding services to new locations and, even greater, helping even more children in need.

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