Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) has a motto: We treat kids better. And they’re always looking for new ways to do just that. Whether it means supporting new pediatric research, making sure every patient receives a special valentine, or training young people to be future healthcare superstars.

But to keep getting better, the hospital needed a little help. Specifically, on the tech side. Thanks to hard work and donations, the hospital was growing. More patients and people, meant more tech to keep it all running. There were more doctors with more devices. More files to keep secure. And more equipment that needed to stay connected.  The hospital’s small IT department was struggling to keep up with all the new needs. So they brought in Glass Box.

Glass Box says…

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles needed a digital solution to support their growth spurt, while being secure and simple to use. They needed Glass Box. But first, we had to show them why.

At Glass Box, we make IT work, and we knew we could make the hospital’s IT work better. Our team first connected with CHLA at Cisco Live. With Cisco by our side, we showed the hospital how we could help, starting with SD-Access. That’s tech speak for ‘software-defined access’. It helps you securely access any application, while keeping you in the loop about what (or who) hits your network.

The hospital had found the remedy to their problems, and SD-Access was just the start.

Once we were on board, we brought in an integrated enterprise platform to simplify the hospitals operations for the IT Team.

That meant a Cisco-powered solution to help them automate and scale:

And solutions designed to keep them secure:

Now the hospital can keep up with more devices, more doctors, and more patients.

And with support from Glass Box and Cisco, they don’t have to worry about what they might need down the road. We have that covered, with our 5-year Cisco One commitment. So Children’s Hospital Los Angeles can leave the IT to us, and focus on bringing better care to kids.

The story doesn’t stop there…

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