In this new world of working and home schooling two little ones under the age of four, I have come to the realization that learning is a never ending journey.  Among the multiple methods now available for my children’s education, we selected one based on three core elements: self-directed activities, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. The principle of this method is that each child decides what they want to learn, while the classroom and the educator offers age-appropriate activities to guide their learning process.  In essence, each child creates their own unique learning experience.

So, while my children were busy finding their learning journeys, I found myself in a similar learning seeking experience from a professional standpoint.  Earlier this year, I took on the opportunity to focus my role on Cisco’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering.

What is MDR? MDR is Cisco’s newest cybersecurity capability that mitigates the business impact of cyber attacks by advancing your security operation capabilities, while reducing mean time to detect and contain threats faster. According to Gartner,“By 2025, 50% of organizations will be using MDR services for threat monitoring, detection, and response functions that offer threat containment capabilities.” [1]

Initially, I didn´t know where to start with learning MDR, but then I realized my learning path was no different than the three core elements I was teaching my children. I had to explore, discover, and shape my Managed Detection and Response (MDR) knowledge. Through my experience, it occurred to me that partners can apply same three core principles to learning how to effectively sell MDR to your customers.

As we begin, think of Cisco as your highly-trained learning guide. Remember our first element is self-directed activities, which in our case is a cohesive MDR Learning Map specifically designed to arm you with a detailed offer overview, market opportunity, messaging and positioning to start conversations with your customers.

Our second element in the learning process is hands-on learning, where partners have the opportunity to learn virtually from MDR service experts on how to scope the customer opportunity and identify the available partner delivery models whether you want to re-sell;, add-on value-added services or fully integrate into your portfolio. Access the available on-demand resources below to enhance your knowledge and create an effective sales and marketing strategy with MDR.


Session Level Session Title Playback
Ready Expand your Security Managed Service portfolio with Cisco’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Click here
Set Develop and extend your security operations with a winning Managed Detection and Response Strategy Click here
Go Accelerating Your Security Services Sales with Cisco Managed Detection and Response Click here


Using the last learning element, Collaborative play, partners can leverage the MDR Demand Generation Campaignavailable on Marketing Velocity Central (MCV) to identify new opportunities and accelerate demand with ready-to-go marketing assets.

To sum up, I´m sure by now you´re as enthusiastic as I am on MDR. Get started on the key resources available to help you get the most of this security offer and keep your managed services business expanding!

[1] Gartner. Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services. Published 26 August 2020 – ID G00722909


Ale Mantilla

Business Development Manager

Global Partner Organization