For over 60 years, the United States has had a civilian agency responsible for space exploration and to push the boundaries on scientific and technical limits. Society, for as long as there has been intelligent life, has been searching for answers to fundamental questions about where we came from and what else is out there.

Cisco, like this agency, is working to address challenges related to how we can expand technology, create solutions for industries, and foster stronger relationships with other communities and nations.

“Exploration is the engine that drives innovation.”

—Edith Widder, oceanographer, marine biologist, and author

We all have an innate drive to explore, discover, and push boundaries on the way we live, work, and interact as a society.

A few weeks ago, at Cisco Live, we learned from executive leadership about the latest Cisco technology, solutions, and product launches. The Americas Distribution team strives to Fuel Partner Success by aligning, enabling, and accelerating growth and sales through our distributors. Our combined success is what will lead Cisco into delivering on our promise to positively impact 1 billion people by the year 2025.


Our distributors are the key to empowering partners to go beyond the norm and lead them to winning more deals, identifying growth opportunities, and exploring new or expanding upon their technology skillsets.

For example, we at Cisco, alone, could never have helped so many customers realize the opportunities they have with Hybrid Work. Distributors and partners – together – have shown customers how Cisco’s integrated solutions offers users a secure infrastructure and seamless collaboration. Secure access solutions like Umbrella provides consistent and flexible identity-based secure access for network users and devices. Cisco’s collaboration suite enables inclusive team engagement and productivity. Lastly, through enhanced visibility tools like ThousandEyes, customers get real-time visibility into their entire infrastructure.


Cisco’s Americas Distribution teams are committed to helping our distributors expand the reach of technology. We want them to have access to tools, enablement collateral, and insights to make the best financial, strategic, and operational choices.

At Cisco Live we heard leadership talk about Full-Stack Observability. This means giving customers the visibility, insights, and actions to help them improve their app and user performance, optimize infrastructure needs and costs, and the confidence in their app security. Between AppDynamics, Cisco Intersight, and ThousandEyes, customers are enabled with end-to-end visibility.


Not only do we want our distributors to sell the benefits of Cisco to partners, but we also want them to find that value for their own business. Through stronger alignment of skill development, programs, and selling plans, we hope to provide the building blocks needed to go to market and win new deals and find up-sell/cross-sell opportunities.

Fifty percent of mission-critical applications reside on public clouds. As shared at Cisco Live, customers need to extend and connect on-prem and public clouds effectively and securely to give users a consistent app experience. Calisti, a new Cisco Service Mesh Manager, automates lifecycle management and simplifies connectivity, security, and observability for microservice-based applications.

United Success

Through our combined success we not only will help with Cisco’s over-all goal of positively impacting our communities, but also expand technology, create solutions for industries, and foster stronger relationships across the globe.

Over the past six months, we know our distributors are fueling partner success and their own success and we want to highlight that.  Please reach out to your Cisco Distribution representative to learn more and share your story.


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John Brookbank

Vice President, Americas Distribution

WW Partner Sales