We all knew this fiscal year ’21 was going to be different, a challenge. What we didn’t know was how many people would show up and stand out, become even more focused on connecting networks, employees, and families, and save, not only lives, but our global economy.

We are not finished. There is much to be done, and with Cisco’s mission of positively impacting a billion people by 2025, we are looking for every opportunity to empower global problem solvers to help us make these steps forward. Clarence Seedorf said, “What I strive for is that everywhere I go, I leave a positive impact.” With 1440 minutes in the day, we all have time to do something good in our communities, families, and the planet we live on.

This past quarter was just as much of a challenge as the two before, but we have seen outstanding results from our collective hard work, and I thank you for it. There is no way that we could have made this kind of progress alone.

Cisco is looking at this fiscal year final quarter as an opportunity to continue to align, enable, and accelerate to better fuel partner success through distribution.

Our distribution focus continues with profitability and the launching of stage 2 Black Belt, which includes an MSP track. MSP acceleration, along with Return to Work and Secure Remote Work, are top of mind areas where we can see the greatest growth. Our managed service providers have never been in such high demand than in the past year. They help us all keep the lights on and improve operations and their associated expenses.

This quarter we will also concentrate on Customer Experience and Renewals. We need to enable our partners and their customers to be Future Ready, which means delivering Cisco level quality and innovation when our partners and their customers need it the most. It’s also reactivating our partners who have fallen dormant.

With new programs coming in FY22, additional alignment opportunities will be available for you to take part in, if you haven’t  already. Your Distribution Account and Marketing Managers are standing by to lend a hand, share, and even help you get started. Please do not miss out on these opportunities.

You can also check in with the Americas Distribution Hub to see all the other assets, events, and important announcements which will be helpful to you as we close out this fiscal year.

We do not know what the coming quarters will hold, nor what our world will be like, but we are hopeful that together we will continue to power an inclusive future for all.

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John Brookbank

Vice President, Americas Distribution

WW Partner Sales