Partner Success Story

We’ve all heard the adage, “Physician, heal thyself.” Here’s a lesser known version: “Healthcare network, heal thy technology ills.”

And with patients out of 21 regional locations across 2 states, complete with two urgent care facilities, an emergency care center, and over 200 medical providers on staff, one regional healthcare system meant business.

So when it comes to maintaining a reliable IT network, that’s a lot of ground to cover. And a lot of people and devices to keep track of.

The healthcare system diagnosed its main problem as outdated IT infrastructure. Its 12-year-old data network was out of warranty, low on capacity, and cumbersome to manage. It quickly became apparent that their current setup was becoming inadequate in meeting both their business and patient needs.

They turned to the Cisco Partner Ecosystem for a cure.

BluePeak Solutions, a Cisco Partner, replaced key systems with Cisco products: SD-Access, Cisco DNA, and Cisco Nexus. And almost immediately, network stability improved, which made things more manageable for healthcare’s IT staff. Closet upgrades that once took days could now be done in hours, and there was more flexibility for users and devices to be managed in-house.

Mobility and productivity went up right away, and the number of calls to IT went down. Network administrators had better access to analytics. And, best of all, providers could spend less time dealing with technology issues and more time focusing on patient care.

Between taking care of business and taking care of patients, there’s a bridge.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing