It’s always been important to remote workers to have a solution that provides both secure connectivity to their corporate network and simple user experience.With the recent Summer Blockbuster release of the Cisco Wireless Release 8.0, using the OfficeExtend 600 Series Access Points (OEAP-600) just got better.  Here are a few of the enhancements that come to OEAP-600 with Release 8.0:

  • Firewall for personal networking – Provides port/application protection for personal network traffic that can be controlled by the end user. While the corporate firewall is protecting your corporate data traffic, you now have the capability to make your personal network traffic more secure also with this feature.
  • Split-tunnel for Internet traffic – Enables corporate clients to reach the Internet directly through the WAN instead of tunneling the data traffic through the corporate network. Provides the IT administrator the flexibility to configure the level of split-tunnel capability needed for their network. Together with the existing Split-tunnel for Printer feature the OEAP-600 provides maximum flexibility for printing and managing data traffic between the remote & corporate office.
  • QOS Enhancements for Voice traffic – Assigns high priority for voice packets for remote workers using the OEAP-600 and a VOIP solution in their home or remote office to enhance the remote workers voice call experience.
  • Network Diagnostics – New option on the OEAP-600 GUI to allow the end-user to test their connectivity speed to both the Internet & corporate network as well as a link test to measure latency & jitter.  Helps troubleshoot any potential home network or ISP connectivity issues.

These new capabilities further enhance the already feature-rich OEAP-600 solution, so what are you waiting for? Get Release 8.0 and take advantage of these new features.

The Cisco OfficeExtend 600 solution (OEAP-600) helps businesses enable remote workers by extending wireless and wired access to the corporate network to their home or remote office locations. The OEAP-600 provides secure access to the corporate network to deliver the same comprehensive access to business services that workers would get in main business office. Additionally, a corporate wired or wireless Cisco IP phone can be added to improve collaboration for remote workers.

In addition, the teleworker can also setup personal wireless or wired access for personal use in their home or remote office. The data traffic from the personal access is securely segmented and does not have access to the corporate network. This give the remote worker the flexibility to have a single Access Point in the home for work related access as well as personal networking activities while knowing that their corporate data traffic is fully secured.

Learn more about the Cisco OfficeExtend 600 solution. How could your life as a remote worker get easier?


Bruce Tiff

Product Marketing Manager

Wireless Networking Business Unit (WNBU)