330 imageLocation, location, location. We so often hear the axiom that location is what drives the value of real estate. But location is also key to extracting context from on-site data for analytics and business outcomes. And, the value generated is directly related to the quality of the underlying location data.

So how can you get the best indoor location accuracy? You’re invited to find out. At 10:00 am PST on April 2, 2015, Cisco will host a webinar showcasing our new Hyperlocation Solution. This solution combines an access point module, an antenna, and four Cisco technologies to deliver indoor location accuracy to as close as one meter.

First, the access point triangulates position based on Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI). The solution also includes enhanced Cisco FastLocate technology to capture Wi-Fi signals within seconds, creating more data points and providing more real-time location data. Then, using the Hyperlocation antennae array discretely wrapped around the access point, the solution can determine the angle at which the wi-fi signal nears the access point, improving the accuracy of location. And, finally, the Hyperlocation Solution provides integrated BLE beacon with the Hyperlocation module. This provides a worry free beacon installation and complements wi-fi location ecosystem.

During this live webinar, you will hear how improved location accuracy can deliver greater value for your analytics and on-site customer experience. And, you’ll get to see how all the included technologies combine in the Cisco Hyperlocation Solution.

Plan to join us for “Discover the Precision of the New Cisco Hyperlocation Solution” on April 2 at 10:00 am PST. Can’t make that time? Don’t worry. After April 2, you can use the same link to access and view the session on demand.


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Jagdish Girimaji

Director, Product Management

Enterprise Networking