Co-author: Bhavana Anklesaria, Product Manager – Enterprise Switching

Enterprises are currently being challenged to transform their long-standing business models to keep up with the new digital evolution. Security, user experience, and seamless connectivity have become the key driving factors for business strategy.

What these enterprises need is an evolved network architecture that is not only business-intent driven but one that can also extend management and security frameworks across all domains of the network, from the edge to the data center to the cloud and beyond.

Catalyst 9000 series – Fastest Ramping Product in Cisco History

Cisco launched Intent based networking in July 2017 with the Catalyst 9000 series being the fundamental building block for this new era of networking, along with Software Defined Access. The Catalyst 9000 Series of enterprise switches is a great testimony to Cisco’s innovations that drive customer value making it the fastest ramping product in the history of Cisco!

It combines the power of the only programmable ASIC in its class – UADP, and an open, modular operating system – IOS XE – both being key to offering intent based networking innovations along with investment protection.

Built on the same foundational pillars, we’re really excited to hereby announce the most anticipated Catalyst 9200 Series of switches. The Catalyst 9200 extends the power of intent-based networking to simplified branch and mid market deployments. With Catalyst 9200 Series switches, we continue to offer Always-Secure, Always-On with focus on simple ease of deployments.

Catalyst 9200– Bringing Simplicity without Compromise to Mid-Market

The Catalyst 9200 Series switches offer all the same great capabilities you need for mid-market, with twice the performance, and is the evolution of one of the most widely deployed switches in the industry – the Catalyst 2960X and 2960XR.  With its family pedigree, Catalyst 9200 Series offers ‘Simplicity without Compromise’ through flexible management options including WebUI, DNA Center, 3rd party tools (e.g. Ansible playbook), and a step above in security and resiliency.

“We needed more capacity in our smaller offices but insist on simple to     provision, easy to manage, with an emphasis on security.  The Catalyst 9200 meets all of these requirements while giving us flexibility in the future”

Bill Brown, E&J Gallo Winery

 “In our industry, having a secure and reliable network infrastructure is essential not only for generating a return on our assets, but also in ensuring our customer’s products and delivered safely and reliably. What I like about the new Cisco Catalyst 9200 switches is that we are able to use Intent Based Networking, ensuring security and reliability of our networks at the largest and smallest locations in our systems”

Enterprise Products

Companies are busy building Cognitive Networks but customers need networks that not only have the knowledge of all the contextual data but also the intelligence to apply predictive analytics to dynamically remediate. The network needs to guarantee resiliency and agility to be Always-On, Always-Aware, Always-Secure, and Always-Consistent hence providing the best customer value!

It takes a company that treats their customers as protagonists to develop a neoteric vision and strategy to help address their changing business landscape. Cisco’s Intent Based Networking Architecture along with the Catalyst 9000 series switches provides an integrated solution in the Enterprise and extends it further across the WAN and Data Center. Cisco has not only brought innovations in each of these domains but is the only company that has brought all the pieces together to bring differentiated value to our customers. Along with our award-winning service offerings Cisco will be your trusted partner through this journey of digital transformation. As Gartner talks about the bi-modal approach – just being a Pioneer is not good enough, a company also needs to be a Protector to ensure continued future success.

We at Cisco are by your side to guide you through this journey!



Muninder Sambi

VP, Product Management

Cisco Enterprise Switching