As we approach the final week before DevNet Create, I wanted to share with you details on how to make the most of your time. I recently posted about the agenda and the engaging lineup of keynotes and presentations. In addition to these speakers, we have also woven hands-on learning opportunities throughout the entire two days. You won’t just be hearing from others at this event, you will be an active participant and have the opportunity to dig into hands-on workshops, mini-hacks, and connect with others (for example in our BoF sessions).

Here are a few examples of how you can learn, code, inspire, & connect while at DevNet Create!

Learning labs are a core part of DevNet, and we have several new Labs in store to provide you with the fundamentals or supplement your knowledge of Cisco APIs across a variety of tracks. Pull up a chair and take “Build your own Hotspot” and learn how to create a WiFi network with Cisco Meraki and a splash page with NodeJS.. And, while you learn, perhaps Colin Lowenberg, head of their developer community will join you!

Want to get up to speed quickly on how performance management can change the value of your applications? Bring your laptop and pull up a chair to join an AppDynamics mini-hack. Each mini-hack includes a scenario to solve and a set of requirements and tips. You’ll get experience using different APIs to solve the scenario at hand. And of course, prizes will be awarded on-site.

Join Drew Zachary and Radhika Bhatt and the team from The Opportunity Project in a hands-on workshop where you will get to code against Census Open Data sets to create solutions to the nation’s pressing social issues and fully understand the value of “being counted” as they prepare for the decennial census in 2020.

Are you evaluating your security model and rethinking your approach as you consider IoT? Join Bhavana Srinivas from PubNub to discuss a new security model that will enable ubiquitous, secure, bi-directional communication protocol for the Internet of Things.

These are just a few examples, we can’t wait! Join via live stream (we’ll broadcast live during the event!) and dive into more topics relevant for IoT & application developers at DevNet Create! We’d love for you to contribute virtually, tweet to us @DevNetCreate (please include the #DEVNETcreate tag), and follow us on Storify.


Susie Wee


Cisco DevNet Ecosystem Success