In the hospitality industry, great service is a key differentiator. At the same time, digitization is changing the way that the industry does business in order to meet the demands of tech-savvy guests like you and me, who – let’s be honest, folks – are chained to our smartphones. So, great service today goes well beyond providing basic Wi-Fi to your hotel guests.

When I’m on business travel that takes me away from my family, I want a hotel experience that feels familiar, like a home away from home. It’s much warmer if hotel staff can provide personalized experiences such as customized offers based on my membership status and concierge or taxi request services via my mobile. Summer is almost here, and when I vacation with my rambunctious toddler, I appreciate convenient mobile services that simplify and enrich my experiences such as mobile check-in and family-friendly activity recommendations.

Ultimately, personalized services and experiences keep me lingering on the property longer, and usually that means I’ll spend more at the hotel restaurants, gift shops, and other on-site amenities. Over the long term, these positive experiences stay with me and I become a loyal repeat guest.

Can you imagine digital guest experiences such as these?

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Jolene Tam

Product Marketing Manager