A few weeks ago Cisco released the Global IT Impact Survey.  For this survey we interviewed over 1300 IT professionals across 13 countries, at all ages of their careers – those in their 20s all the way through those over 60. We had people from many different industries – education, construction, government, transportation, consulting, utilities – and more.

When we released the survey, the analysis we did was really just a small part of what could be looked at.  There was a lot more data there to sift through and analyze than we explicitly discussed.  For example, we found 48% of those surveyed saw business opportunity with the Internet of Things.  However, I was curious how IT knowledge and perceptions of IoT correlated with some of the other data we gathered.  And because I somehow thought it would be faster to put my analysis down in images (hint, it probably wasn’t) I made a data visualization. 

IoT Data Visual 2

A few things to note:

  • The majority of the analysis is based on two sets of perceptual questions: How well do you know IoT? and Do you see opportunity for your business with IoT?
  • While the business opportunity perceived overall was a little less than half – in general, people who were very familiar with IoT were much more likely to see opportunity there.
  • The industries I choose to look at were those where we had a statistically significant number of respondents.
  • I also grouped the 50-59 year old and 60+ age groups since there were fewer in those than the other age groups interviewed.




Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks