If you’re part of the 82% of enterprises(1)  who’ve already adopted a hybrid cloud strategy, you know that cloud adoption comes with challenges. Management complexity, poor user experience, and inconsistent security are among them. Cisco SD-WAN is here to help with scalability, visibility and flexibility. Our cloud networking solution, Cloud OnRamp, allows you to use the same SD-WAN policies and security across both on-prem and cloud environments. Cisco SD-WAN has been leading the industry with extensive cloud integrations that enable you to automate seamless connectivity to any site-to-cloud and site-to-site configuration. One of the most recent being our new and enhanced API integration with Microsoft 365.Informed Network Routing

Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp with Microsoft 365 gives you more control over your SaaS traffic with enhanced optimization tools. Cisco is the first SD-WAN vendor in the industry to deliver informed network routing for Microsoft 365. This feature, along with service area mapping and API integration with Microsoft, allows you to collect real time telemetry data on user experience and remediate sub-optimal performance issues with an automated SD-WAN path selection algorithm. It also allows you to define direct internet access (DIA) policies based on specific predefined service areas.

Cisco’s support of the URL categorization feature provides significant improvement in this area for those who use Cloud OnRamp with Microsoft 365. It allows you to create separate policies around specific types of traffic feeding into Microsoft 365, giving you more detailed control over traffic management within the platform. By creating different parameters for different traffic types, you can route traffic more efficiently around your needs and usage habits for optimized response times. Watch this how-to demo to see the Microsoft 365 integration in action.

Cisco SD-WAN’s cloud edge platform, Catalyst 8000V, was recently certified as Miercom Performance Verified based on its outstanding performance in throughput, cloud scalability, Azure Virtual WAN automation, and its Microsoft 365 optimization. Read the report to learn more.

Cisco SD-WAN achieves Microsoft Network Partner Program (NPP) Certification

Cisco is proud to be qualified as a Microsoft 365 networking partner. As part of this group, Cisco aligns with Microsoft’s Connectivity Principles, which are aimed at helping customers build their network in an effort to minimize latency.

“Cisco’s qualification as a partner in the Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program comes after thorough testing that ensures customers a high-quality experience when using the solution. The Cloud OnRamp integration allows for intelligent application classification while adhering to all the Microsoft informed network routing principles. We at Microsoft look forward to building on the work we have done with Cisco and fulfilling our customer’s cloud networking needs.”
– Jeff Mealiffe, Principal Architect, Microsoft

Interested in testing out informed network routing and URL categorization? Try it out in our Cloud OnRamp sandbox.

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(1) Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report


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