When it comes to the Internet of Everything, few industries have as much opportunity, or as much at stake, as manufacturing. Specifically, certain verticals such as Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Food and Beverage manufacturing face unique challenges and opportunities. According to the Price Waterhouse 2015 Consumer Goods Report , the current market is seeing “changing consumer attitudes toward products and brands, as the great fragmentation of consumer markets takes another turn. In response, companies must dramatically shift the route they take to reach consumers in terms of both product distribution and communications.” In particular, bottlers have to adopt to these industry trends as well as changing distribution, fleet and territorial roles. Success in this new era requires smarter, more streamlined operations and the ability to respond to opportunities and problems in real time.

At Cisco, we are constantly seeking new ways to connect data, people, processes and things to help businesses thrive. Our goal is to continually drive solutions that simplify systems for our customers so they can focus on adding real value to their business. That’s why we’re excited to announce The Bottling and Distribution Smart System powered by Cisco, a user-friendly portal that we created while working with leading global bottling and distribution enterprises.

Our customers in the bottling and distribution industry have told us that their businesses suffer when they have to patch together different solutions for reporting, fleet management, maintenance records and more. We created this new solution to give organizations a single platform that offers visibility into all of their operations from any device– whether it’s a smartphone in an airport terminal, a tablet on the factory floor or a laptop in a boardroom.

The Bottling and Distribution Smart System is comprehensive, but it’s also completely customizable to help users quickly access information they need the most. The true value of the Internet of Everything goes beyond operations and helps businesses act on trends, track process toward goals and share best practices. A customized profile provides users with important insights and key metrics like sales, delivery updates and purchasing activity, so they can take action in real-time and be more responsive to their customers

We’re confident that this solution is a true game-changer for bottlers that want to stay competitive, leverage their buying power and, ultimately, increase profits. Want to know more? Take look at The Bottling and Distribution Smart System video or contact your Cisco representative for a custom profile preview.


Dan Kern

Lead Marketing Manager

Manufacturing & Energy Industry Sector