Collaboration and speed drive fashion in an industry where many stakeholders—design houses, supply partners, manufacturers, retailers—weigh in on decisions, from product concept to delivery. When moving at the speed of fashion seasons, constant communication and the ability to make adjustments on-the-fly are critical.

Screen of Cisco Webex Board
Cisco Webex Board enables on-the-spot online collaboration.

When Italy ground to a halt in spring 2020, with country-wide closures due to COVID-19, Cisco customer Del Brenta discovered that the investment they’d made in Cisco solutions three years earlier positioned them not only to weather this economic disruption but strengthen their operations model. This leading manufacturer of Italian-made heels, wedges, and platforms for the world’s biggest footwear brands relied on Cisco Webex for 100-percent business continuity during lockdown.

Head of Innovation for Del Brenta, Stefano Bezzon, noted: “Even during one of the worst crises imaginable, we were able to operate. Our employees were working from home, yet for our customers the transition was invisible.”

Learn how Del Brenta continued to meet demand despite a country-wide lockdown, as it transitioned to fully remote operations in a day.


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