The healthcare system continues to rapidly evolve, but it is not just healthcare organizations, hospitals, and private physician practices that are impacted.  Private and public payers must also adapt quickly to ensure that they manage funding gaps for providers while offering the best possible customer experience for members.

Members are more informed and have more choices for how and where they receive care than ever before. It is important to build strong relationships with members that encourage them to stay loyal to your plan while also delivering services that are easy to understand and trust.

At the same time, your healthcare providers are investing in solutions to advance their use of technology and their ability to collaborate more proactively with patients and payers.  They are looking to you to become an active partner in creating a highly connected, highly visible web of information that helps drive better outcomes and personalized member experiences.

Cisco is here to help you make the best choices.  Cisco offers a vision for Connected Health that includes exciting new opportunities for payers, enabling an approach that treats every member and provider as an individual, in a system that knows who they are and anticipates what they want. This allows you to provide an experience that is simpler and more transparent, leading to a better quality of care.

The Rise of Connected HealthRead our new white paper, The Rise of Connected Health, to learn how Cisco can help payers to:
•    Personalize member and provider interactions with high quality video
•    Securely share information and data between doctors, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacists
•    Use big data analytics to target problem-specific populations
•    Transform from a wholesaler to a retailer mentality

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Joyce Perrelli

Healthcare Program Manager

America’s Field Marketing