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As virtual healthcare is adopted at a greater velocity and scale than ever before, there’s never been a more critical time to talk about how we keep our customers’ data safe.

In healthcare, the stakes are high when it comes to privacy and security. The average cost of a healthcare record data breach is $429, which is more than double the cost of any other industry record breach. In the United States, the average total cost of a data breach for healthcare providers is $6.45 million.1

At Cisco, we take our customers’ data security seriously and develop world-class collaboration solutions that are simple, scalable and designed to meet your compliance needs.

Achieving HITRUST CSF Certification

We’re thrilled to announce that Webex Teams, Webex Control Hub and Webex API have achieved HITRUST CSF Certification, the world’s most widely adopted security framework in the healthcare industry.

The HITRUST CSF Certification combines best in class standards from HIPAA, NIST and COBIT and helps healthcare organizations address security challenges through a comprehensive and flexible framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls.

Achieving this certification status places Cisco Webex into an elite group of organizations worldwide who have received this recognition, and further validates Cisco’s commitment to keeping data safe and confidential.

“HITRUST helps organizations ensure that the highest standards of information protection requirements are met when sensitive data is accessed or stored,” stated Jeremy Huval, Chief Compliance Officer, HITRUST. “Cisco can be recognized as an organization that can be counted on for keeping information safe.”

Impact on Your Healthcare Organization 

Privacy and security are paramount for your healthcare organization. As collaboration technologies continue to be widely adopted for virtual care, Cisco is dedicated to securely connecting patients, clinicians and care teams.

Learn more about how we protect your healthcare data, and read more about our HITRUST CSF certification.

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  1. Ponemon 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report


Renee Patton

Former Global Director of Education and Healthcare

Global Industry Solutions Group