When it comes to healthcare, falling behind the curve isn’t an option.

Given the fast pace of technology advancements, there is a growing need to transform healthcare to meet patient and clinician expectations in an increasingly digital world. This means using digital technology to enable better care coordination, keep patients safe, create experiences that lead to improved outcomes, and deliver care in ways that save time and money.

Adapting to change, especially in healthcare, is a huge undertaking. Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) for Healthcare provides the flexibility hospitals need for fast transformation. Building on the Cisco DNA foundation, healthcare organizations can innovate quickly, gain actionable insights, lower costs through network automation, and reduce risk with security everywhere..

Check out the infographic below to learn more about how Cisco DNA can drive healthcare innovation.

Stay tuned for four more installments in our Cisco DNA for Healthcare blog series, which focuses on how hospital networks are evolving, opportunities to improve business outcomes, security for healthcare, and what you can do to make your hospital digital ready.

Learn more about DNA for Healthcare at cisco.com/go/dnahealthcare.


Sarah Struble

Marketing Manager

Global Healthcare Marketing