Hosted by Danny Vicente, Cisco’s Global Marketing Executive, Coffee and Conversations has welcomed various guests to the show to speak on multiple topics. Now Coffee and Conversations is focusing on government. The new podcast series will discuss today’s most crucial issues and provide a fresh perspective that only Cisco can bring.

In our first episode, we discuss the breadth of government responsibilities and its increasing impact and influence in reimagining communities. Cisco takes a more holistic view of the Government environment, leveraging expertise across multiple industries to establish a secure, agile, and resilient foundation for government operations and resident services.

“The way we look at government is changing where instead of just being an island by itself, it’s really starting to encompass everything in the community.”
—Matthew Dietz

Join us for future podcasts where we’ll discuss Secure Government, Smart Cities, and more topics.


Sarah Williamson

Global Government Marketing Manager

Global Industry Marketing