Students are consuming information in new and different ways – books are being replaced by computers and blackboards are being replaced by video collaboration screens.  To sum it up, technology is revolutionizing learning.

While educators struggle to deliver top-notch educational experiences amid budget cuts and fewer resources, they are finding innovative ways to provide better opportunities to their students. At the crux of this innovation are collaborative learning technologies, such as telepresence. From grade schools to universities, classrooms are combining video with learning and students, staff and parents are reaping the rewards.

When the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina introduced telepresence to the curriculum, it completely transformed the learning experience. Recognized as a leader in international business education and research, the Moore School prides itself on delivering a global experience. Thanks to Cisco TelePresence and Cisco WebEx, professors are bringing together globally distributed students and world-class subject matter experts to engage in a live and interactive experience.

Much like the Moore School, the Utah Education Network (UEN), a consortium of public and higher education partners, committed itself to enhancing education through technology. Investing in solutions, such as Cisco TelePresence Management Suite, has improved and accelerated students’ education.  With more than 100 classes captured daily, students can access live and recorded K-12 and higher education classes. High school students also have the opportunity to take college courses without leaving campus. The ability to enroll in concurrent classes means more students are graduating high school with college credits, expanding their learning opportunities and saving money on tuition.

While telepresence helps administrators reduce costs and improve efficiencies, its true power lies in the ability to transform education by opening up a new world of possibilities in learning.

How do you see technology revolutionizing education?


Scott Aukema

No Longer at Cisco