The inaugural Internet of Things World Forum is in just a few weeks and if you’ve registered you are probably getting excited with anticipation.  As part of your preparations for the World Forum (in addition to packing your clothing and power cords) you’ll want to plan your daily schedule.  

Session registration is on a “first come first served basis” and as sessions reach the capacity of the room, we’re closing registration. I thought I’d highlight a few sessions that sound interesting, to give you a taste of what’s to come, including one addressing the title of this post:

IoT UnitiliesBIZ 01 – Disruption ahead! The new economics of a decentralized energy world.  This should be a fascinating panel session as 4 industry experts discuss why power generation will be decentralized (and how to roll your own power), the pros and cons of net metering (and who pays), the potential obsolesce of utilities, and the new business models we must explore.  In the past power has flowed in one direction – from centralized plants to homes and businesses.  Now, however, power is flowing in all directions from hundreds of thousands of rooftop solar panels and other forms of distributed generation – and this distribution will only get more complicated.

Join Jon Wellinghoff, Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Richard Schomberg, VP Smart Energy Standards, EDF Group (France), Shayle Kann, Vice President, Research, Greentech Media and David Mohler, Vice President, Duke Energy as they discuss the new realities. Biz 01 – October 29, 10:45am

BIZ 16 – The Electric Vehicle: Plugging In to Smarter Energy Management – If you aren’t fascinated by the potential for EVs, perhaps you should check out this session to find out what the hype is about.  And if you are – then you’re in for a treat. Christian Girardeau, VP, Electric Vehicles, Schneider Electric and Vincent Carre, Electric Cars Sales & Marketing Director, Renault Group will discuss this pivotal moment for electric vehicles and the overall smart grid.  The smart grid will be one of the keys to a cleaner transportation future; and whether or not tomorrow’s smart grid becomes a reality could hinge upon widespread adoption of electric vehicles by consumers and the construction of the charging infrastructure these plug-in cars will require today. Biz – 16 – 29 October 10:45am

BIZ-11 – Improving Industrial Value Creation with IoT As disruptive internet technologies advance, manufacturing systems must adapt to allow for greater flexibility and improved performance while operating in a secure information infrastructure. The Internet of Things will provide real time feedback in processes that require contextualization and rationalization in order to create value. Hear about the efforts and implementations that take advantage of IoT enabled processes and automated production lines that improve time to market, asset utilization and lower overall costs with minimal risk. Biz – 11 – October 30, 11:30am

Finally, One of the *hot* items is the Smart City Tours. These tours provide a hands-on exploration of real, ready-today Internet of Things applications in an urban setting.  After a brief overview, participants will see a Smart Lighting and location analytics demonstrations within the conference hotel and then stroll to the Born District of Barcelona.  In the Born District, visitors will see how sensors from Solertia, Streetline, and Urbiotica.  In this tour you’ll see how Barcelona is detecting temperature, humidity, noise, dust and gases with Solertia.  Likewise, see how Streetline sensors help manage parking, and Urbiotical sensors are embedded on IP-enabled waste containers.  Many sessions are being offered and I suggest you book later in the week when you’ll be ready to stretch your legs!

I look forward to seeing you soon in Barcelona!


Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks