Digital transformation is creating new business models, new customer experiences and improving workforce experience. It is changing the way we work, live and play. It involves connecting millions of endpoints and disparate types of data sources.  In the digital era, businesses are becoming more dynamic and distributed with trends like cloud, mobile and social. All this leads to complexity and that’s why there is a need for simplicity in infrastructure.

Simplicity is the corner stone of Digital Transformation. If businesses cannot simplify they cannot respond to the market faster and cannot innovate. Cisco is all about driving simplicity by providing the following:

  • Simplicity of a Single Vendor
  • Everything Cloud Ready
  • New Flexible Consumption Models

Cisco brings together industry’s broadest portfolio across network, data center, Cloud, security, IoT, analytics and collaboration. It connects the dots among them and automates more parts of infrastructure then anyone else so that you can build and deploy the services faster.

Cloud is all about driving simplicity and agility. Cisco is heavily invested in cloud and offers cloud managed products like Meraki, DNA etc. We also accelerate your journey to public, private and hybrid clouds.

Cisco also provides flexible consumption models that improves OPEX predictability and reduces initial CAPEX. Cisco ONE and Spark Flex Plan are two great examples of this.

Simplicity is the first principle of Digital Transformation and with Simplicity, Cisco makes IT move at the speed of Digital Business. For more information, please visit our Why Cisco for Digital Transformation White Paper.



Pankaj Gupta

Director, Market Management

Enterprise PSM - Portfolio, Software, and Campus Switching