Digital Transformation

Expansion of Digital Ceiling ecosystem

Since our Digital Ceiling launch earlier this year, together with our ecosystem partners, we have been successfully implementing a good amount of customer implementations. This year’s RealComm/IBCon conference, right in the heart of Silicon Valley, seemed for us the right catalyst to announce our next set of partners with core areas of expertise in innovative Infrastructure […]

Top Ways Cisco Brings Innovation @CannesLions

There has never been a better time for Cisco to show up as an innovator in a space not normally associated with our business in order to expand the conversation beyond the wall of IT. At this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Innovation Summit attendees will experience Cisco’s ability to enable the business outcomes […]

Bringing Digital Transformation, Creativity, and Impact Together at Cannes Lions

One of the things I really value in both my work and personal life is creativity. I always challenge myself and my team to do things differently, in a better way that will inspire others. I’m lucky at Cisco to be surrounded by innovative people and technologies that help us bring creative ideas to life each […]

Join us at Realcomm/IBCon to discover Cisco’s Digital Ceiling Framework

Since we launched the Cisco Digital Ceiling framework earlier this year, we have made a lot of progress in the market. We also got a lot of great...

Taking Advantage of The Next Wave of Innovation

As companies digitize and take advantage of technological innovations to fundamentally change the way they do business, IT and business people need to stay on top of emerging technology trends and prepare to adopt those that will enable new business models and contribute to competitive advantage. Software will play a major role in the next […]

Cisco Challenges Digital Entrepreneurs Worldwide

The Innovation Grand Challenge is calling on all innovators, entrepreneurs, developers, researchers and students to submit disruptive ideas for digital transformation in industry and government.

Hannover Messe and the Focus on IoT

Germany’s Hannover Messe is the world’s foremost trade fair for industrial technology and it is taking place right now through April 29. Only here will you find the leading key technologies and core areas of industry all under one roof. This includes everything from industrial automation and supply, IT, production technologies and services; to energy […]

Innovation in Action: Warp Accelerated Rapid Prototyping (WARP)

We know innovation requires more than just a great idea - it requires the successful delivery of a solution, and that starts with working prototype. A few weeks ago, we...

CEOs Are Missing a Huge Opportunity with Cybersecurity

Every time I hear about a new high-profile data breach—and it’s happening more often all the time—I picture what must be going on in the executive suite of that company. Are the leaders hunkering down in a defensive position, looking for someone to blame? Will they throw money at the problem as they scramble to […]