Digital Transformation

The Road to Connecting Things in London

Almost every aspect of business, and many elements in our lives, can evolve and improve with IoT. Join us for the fourth IoT World Forum (IoTWF) on May 22-24.

Super Vehicles: Connected Fleet IoT Solutions for Fire, Police, and Emergency Services

Sci-Fi movies aren’t the only place you’ll find the coolest gizmos and gadgets. Remember the face scanner from the movie Minority Report, or the mapping orbs from the movie Prometheus? I was recently at a Fleet Show in Sacramento, CA, where the show floor was filled with latest and greatest technology for Police, Fire and […]

ASR 900 Series Utility WAN Solution

Increase reliability and efficiency with converged WAN Infrastructure for mission-critical applications and grid modernization.

Six Considerations: The “How” of Digital Transformation

We see the pattern all the time. An innovation launches a trend. The trend coins a phrase. The phrase becomes a top-of-mind topic, prompting lively boardroom discussions. Generally, everyone agrees why the topic is important, but the practical aspects—the what and the how—sometimes lack clarity.  The increasingly urgent buzz around digital transformation fits the pattern. […]

Three Ways to Make Virtual Connections Count for Business and the Planet

Cisco and CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) have partnered to explore how to implement a virtual collaboration platform that maximizes a broad range of benefits, with CDP expanding its use of collaboration technologies like Cisco Telepresence and Cisco WebEx.

April 5 #CiscoChat Recap: How Can IoT Accelerate Digital Transformation?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken the stage as the next big thing in digital transformation. On April 5th, thought leaders from all over the world met on Twitter to discuss how IoT is changing the way companies do business today and what the future holds. Enjoy the recap and join the conversation with the hashtag #CiscoChat.