Customers are now demanding much more from support services, and that is leading to a change in the support landscape. Customers want unified interactions using voice, video and email that helps to increase efficiency. They are looking for near time issue resolution to reduce costs, and they want to proactively detect and mitigate issues to minimize risk.

Cisco is transforming its support services to provide better customer satisfaction by making it connected, collaborative, and cognitive.

Connected Support:  Cisco connects to customer networks securely and continuously using network monitoring tools. This enables us to monitor customer’s network and reduces the time spent digging up information. Networks can be continuously evaluated for potential security and support issues, alerting customers to problems before even they are aware of them.

Collaborative Support: Within a case, a Cisco Spark™ room can be opened that allows the technical support agent to bring in the appropriate subject matter experts to help solve problems. If necessary, technicians can also initiate a real-time video call and work with sales, engineering, or anyone else to address the customer’s needs. All this helps to bring together insightful data to create more collaborative customer experiences.

Cognitive Support: The Cisco® Technical Assistance Center (TAC) has started digitizing the knowledge base of engineering and product support cases into diagnostic signatures. Currently, Cisco has around 16,000 diagnostic signatures, and this number is growing. Now, when a customer uploads case information, such as serial number and log files, our innovative capabilities immediately bounce it against the diagnostic signatures. Best practices, error messages, configuration settings, and more are analyzed automatically. By the time a TAC engineer opens the case, resolution recommendations are already part of the case file. With the solutions for known issues automated, the engineer can spend more time proactively resolving unknown issues.

All this is helping to improve customer satisfaction and drastically reduce the mean time to resolution (MTTR) for known issues. Proactive and even predictive support is being enabled with securely connected customer networks. Cisco has accomplished much on its support transformation journey, and is continuing to build new capabilities every day. We’re ready to apply the lessons we have learned to help you transform your support. Learn more at www.cisco.com/go/digital.


Aditya Mohta

Sr. Manager, Solutions Marketing - Full-Stack Observability

Strategy, Incubation and Applications Group