Cisco’s IT Blueprint for Digital Transformation

November 4, 2016 - 15 Comments

Digital transformation is changing the landscape of business today and no company, regardless of industry, size, or location is immune from the pressure of these rapid changes.

When I speak with customers, they understand the need to transform, however one of the most frequent questions that I am asked is HOW. How do I transform my organization? What are the steps I need to take to transform into a digital company?

While digital transformation may be different for each organization, I can share Cisco IT’s Blueprint for Digital Transformation that can help customers transform their own business. Cisco IT has used the following blueprint to enable digital transformation in partnership with Business Leaders.

  1. Enable New Business Models
  2. Simplify Everything – IT as a Service
  3. Modular IT and Automate
  4. Deliver Data to Drive Business Decisions
  5. Continuous Delivery
  6. Security Everywhere











Watch the video for additional insight on Cisco’s IT Blueprint.

Have you started your digital transformation?  What are your biggest obstacles to getting started?

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  1. Fantastic Simplified Message that resonates with customers who are challenged to deliver continuous innovation that drives value to the business. Challenges are many, simple solutions are few and cherished by our customers. Way to go Gee!

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  3. Great Video G. Simple and Nicely put.

  4. Solid message…continue the momentum!

  5. Great framework G. Easy to understand yet powerful.

  6. Very clear and concise message! There’s never been a better time to be at the heart of secured digital transformation

  7. Thanks for sharing your perspectives G, very powerful for IT to lead in this space, ideally ahead of our Customers. Also, a genuine “thanks” for also including DATA (protection and privacy) within Secure Everywhere! Just because we’re secure doesn’t mean our sensitive/private data is protected.

  8. Clear and concise. Driving transformation!!

  9. Nice job G!

  10. Very simple and powerful video G!

  11. I would like to watch the video, I really need to be updated.

  12. Thanks G! Great presentation! We are working on continuous delivery now!

  13. this is a great description and video on digital transformation ! Thanks Guillermo !

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    I was hoping to connect for our upcoming training program on ‘Digital Transformation’ by Dr. Ram Charan, scheduled for Bengaluru on 7th December. Wanted to explore possibilities of a collaboration for the program.


  15. Would like to watch the video, too bad it’s Flash.

    Digital Transformation step number 1: HTML5.