IoTWF Follow Icon 3The Internet of Things World Forum is fast approaching and I’m looking for a few good Tweeters!  Are you going to the IoT World Forum?  If so, add your name and twitter name below… or just start tweeting #IoTWF!

What might you be tweeting about?  Well, we’ve just announced our closing keynote speaker and he sounds amazing!  Also, I’ve outlined three other speaking sessions you should check out.  If you’re registered to attend the IoT World Forum, don’t forget to also register for individual sessions to save your seat!

Now, on to that keynote speaker…

Jay Walker, Curator and Chairman TEDMED! His talk is  “You Ain’t Seen Nuthin’ Yet”

When transformative, world-shaking forces emerge (as occurred 100 years ago with the electrical grid, the phone network and the highway system) they create successive waves of new opportunities across all of industry and society.  The largest and most surprising of these opportunities require not just “captains of industry” but “captains of imagination”…leaders with the boldness and vision to see undreamed-of possibilities, to believe in their ideas and to make them real.   Just as those earlier networks revolutionized global commerce, remade social patterns and expanded our deepest sense of human potential, the Internet of Everything will unleash new possibilities that require our most imaginative thinking to both capitalize on the opportunities before us today…and to create the even more astonishing opportunities that lie beyond the horizon.

A few other cool sessions to check out:

Tuesday 3:00pm Tech20: Do you use solutions from Rockwell Automation, Panduit, or Cisco (if you’re reading this blog, I assume you do) then you’ll want to check out session “Turning an IoT Vision into Realist through Partnership.”  In this talk Panduit CTO Jack Tison and Rockwell Automation’s VP or Market Development John Nesi discuss how we’re working together to help our customers build connected enterprises. The panel will also address the formation of the Industrial IP Advantage (IIPA) which is focused on helping businesses deploy a secure, holistic, digital-communications fabric based on standard unmodified Internet Protocol (IP).

Wednesday 10:30am Tech-19IoT in Vertical Applications –  Research and Technology Perspectives into the future” This session is being led by Guido Stephan, Head of Networks & Communication at the Research and Technology Center, Siemens.  In this talk Guido will explore,

  • What are the most important enabling technologies for IoT?
  • What are possible technology approaches for IoT?

Wednesday 2:00pm Biz-23 Finally, for a conference being hosted by Cisco, you have to expect there’d be a talk called, The Role of Network in Connecting Billions of Things“!  Our speakers, both at Cisco, are Satish Iyer,Strategy & Biz Dev and Kelly Ahuja – SVP/GM. Executive Mobility Business Group.  They’ll discuss how the network must evolve to handle the complexity of connecting billions of devices.  As these objects becomes smarter and complex, the network has to address three salient aspects:

  • The right amount of scaling and capacity to address the fact that smart objects are not powered
  • Dynamically manage and distribute Intelligence throughout the network
  • Maintain a right level of trust and security

Will you be signing up for these sessions?  Have you already planned to attend other ones?

Thanks! Lauren



Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks