Reasons IoT Folks Should Attend CLUSIf you’re an Operations Technology (OT) pro, then the buzz about the Internet of Everything (IoE) should have you pretty excited–because it will likely impact your work. You won’t want to miss a chance to find out more about it at Cisco Live San Francisco May 18 – 22.

Cisco has been hard at work building solutions to address your OT challenges. Cisco Live San Francisco is the place to find out the details…

Here are five (5) reasons not to miss this pivotal event:

#1. A Targeted OT Learning Track: We’ve put together a special program to bring OT and IT issues together and make it crystal clear how the Internet of Everything (IoE)–the convergence of machines, sensors, processes, people and data–is going to make your job a lot more interesting.

  • You’ll learn from experienced pros who speak your language what you should understand about “Big Data” and how Cisco and its extensive ecosystem of partners is ready to help you transform  the way you manage operations.
  • Find out how Cisco’s Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are enabling the IoE by changing the way companies manage their fleets, manufacturing floors, field environments, HVAC, and lighting.
  • See how Smart+Connected Communities solutions provide citizens with remote access to government services and ubiquitous network connectivity anytime, anywhere and allow cities to manage their traffic, parking, and safety and security.
  • Learn how mobile and HD video over the network are changing the way information is shared, tracked and used within and across industries.
  • Regardless of your industry, Cisco Live is the place to learn how the new IoT architectures scale to support the industrial space with the same proven expertise, secure technologies and operating system that your company is likely using in your front office.

#2. Live Demos: There will be demonstrations of key industrial solutions from Cisco and its partners. See the latest in factory automation, fleet and traffic management, data analytics, and machine-to-machine communication. Check out the connected transportation solution demo featuring a model train, a networked manufacturing workstation example, and several utility solutions. An aquatic demo shows how Cisco’s ruggedized network equipment withstands water to simulate outdoor conditions.

#3. (Human) Networking: Compare notes with others in your role or industry on how they are meeting the demands of a 24/7 global marketplace and the challenges of doing more with less. Build connections that can lead to great new opportunities, new partnerships, or new hires to help you get your network to dance!

#4. Exceptional Speakers: Cisco is listening even more closely to the types of challenges you’re facing daily and developing solution suites to address those challenges. Guido Jouret, JP Vasseur and many others–all experts in bringing OT together with IT for great results–are on hand to address your questions and summarize the big changes in industrial management that will prepare you for how to get ahead of the curve.

#5. Key Cisco technology partners who understand operations: Hear from our partners on how to meet the increasing challenges to both increase efficiency and lower costs. Some are new partners, like Davra Networks, but many you’ll recognize: Rockwell Automation, Black & Veatch, SAP, Schneider Electric and more.

You DO NOT want to miss Cisco Live San Francisco. Register now!


Ann Marcus

Project Manager

Smart+Connected Communities