Ann Marcus

Project Manager

Smart+Connected Communities

Ann Marcus is a content development project manager with the Smart+Connected Communities team at Cisco. She earned degrees in sociology and business analysis and brings many years of experience in technology communications and event management to her role.

Prior to joining Cisco, Ann worked at IDG and Ziff on various technology publications and events, and eventually went on to manage her own consulting practice specializing in outreach marketing and knowledge management. When collaboration technologies came on the scene, Ann allied  her skills and experience with industry analyst firm Collaborative Strategies to develop white papers, conduct industry research, and consult with clients.

In 2007, Ann was invited to join Cisco to help develop and manage the now highly successful Cisco Learning Network (http://learningnetwork.cisco.com)-- a learning community of over a half million registered users interested in Cisco Certifications.

In 2013. Ann transitioned to the Smart+Connected Communities team to pursue her interest in sustainability, technology, social interaction and community development -- and now performs content origami, folding key messages into the right shape to support Senior Vice President and Deputy Chief Globalization Officer, Anil Menon, in his drive to deliver the S+CC message and vision around the world.

Ann grew up in Sonoma, lived in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Boston, and now calls Portland, Oregon home.