Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s wild to realize it has been a year since we launched the DevNet Specialization. The initiative launched in May 2020 to recognize Cisco partners with the technical skills and business processes around software programmability and automation on Cisco products and services.

It has also been a wild 12 months overall. Launching a new program in the middle of a global pandemic was challenging enough in itself, yet it recognized how digital transformation would accelerate as our customers adapted to the “new normal.”

Our DevNet Specialized partners have played a leading role within our developer community to help drive this transformation. They have contributed sample code into our DevNet Code Exchange, enabling our customers to jumpstart their experience with automation.

Our DevNet partners have also shared their experiences and best practice recommendations in multiple blogs, webinars, events, and podcasts – demonstrating both the customer demand, and the business value of the Cisco developer community.

We have seen our DevNet Specialized partners embrace their own digital transformation in interesting ways. Some have created new product and service offerings for automation – building their differentiation on top of our Cisco platforms. All are expanding their DevNet skills multiple areas of their business, with more than 2,500 DevNet certifications being earned by our Cisco partners alone!

I look forward to seeing the innovation our DevNet Specialized partners drive in the next year, in terms of business value and success with their customers and teams.

And I look forward to hearing what amazing guitar solo Stuart Clark will play for our next celebration!

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