Chuck Stickney

Business Development Manager

Cisco DevNet

Chuck is technical leader with 20+ years experience in connecting people, processes, and programs within the Cisco and DevNet ecosystem. He serves as a technology evangelist, speaker and expert in IoT networking and security technologies. Chuck is a trusted Cisco advisor to customers, partners, peers, and leadership with a CCIE, DevNet500, and a B.S. in Information Technology.


November 16, 2023


Trading Nouns and Adjectives for Variables and Function Calls

3 min read

Discover how Nate harnessed the power of learning and DevNet certifications to transform his decade-long career as an English teacher to become the software practice lead at Procellis, a Cisco Partner.

May 27, 2022


Leading with Infrastructure Automation to Enable Consumable Business Services

1 min read

Explore how DevNet partners are helping customers build new business capabilities through infrastructure automation.

May 27, 2021


DevNet Specialization for Partners Celebrates Year One

1 min read

Show customers you have the software and automation skills to drive digital transformation

December 15, 2020


Accelerating the Partner Journey with DevNet Specialization

2 min read

See how a DevNet Specialization helps Cisco partners gain the skills and business practices around software programmability and automation on Cisco products and services.

November 2, 2020


Accelerating the Partner Journey with DevNet Specialization

3 min read

DevNet Specialization is a program we launched in June 2020 during Cisco Live US. In this two-part series, we’ll look at the DevNet Specialization journey — how to obtain technical programmability and automation skills and how they are used.  This series will also bookend a Cisco Champions Radio podcast about DevNet Specialization that will release on November 16th.