Talent and tools define the limits of success for any network deployment – and those leveraging IoT technologies are no different.

The IoT world continues to progress at a rapid pace, and developers and network engineers constantly need to learn new skills to keep up with this pace. The need to automate and build robust programs for IoT devices running in critical network infrastructure is essential for overall effectiveness, availability, reliability, and efficiency.

To help our IoT customers, partners, and network engineers stay on the leading edge of development, DevNet is releasing at Cisco Live Europe a number of new tools and training that reflect the latest and greatest technologies within the Cisco IoT portfolio.

Updated Cisco IOx Sandbox

At Cisco Live Europe in Barcelona, DevNet is releasing an updated Cisco IOx Sandbox. This new sandbox now leverages IOx 1.9.

Cisco IOx provides uniform and consistent hosting capabilities for various types of applications across Cisco platforms. This platform brings together Cisco IOS, the industry-leading networking operating system, and Linux, the leading open source platform. With Cisco IOx, developers can create a wide variety of IoT apps, such as data aggregation system and control systems.

New features in this release includes Cisco Fog Director and Cisco Local Manager and it is supported on the following platforms: IR809, IR829, CGR 1000 Compute Module, IOXVM, and IC3k.

Cisco Cyber Vision Sandboxes and Learning Labs

Also launched at Cisco Live Europe is Cisco Cyber Vision – the first software-based security solution for OT. And to help our customers, partners and developers learn more about how this software works, DevNet has launched a new Cisco Cyber Vision Sandbox and Learning Lab.

The Cyber Vision Sandbox will help users test their code, learn more about the Cyber Vision API, and also work hands-on with the technology – helping IoT developers see what use cases this technology could address and what outcomes could be achieved.

Learn more about this specific offering through a blog covering the Cyber Vision Sandbox and Learning Labs.  Get started with this new offering using the following links:

Expanded Design-In Sandboxes

In November 2019, DevNet launched the Cisco IoT Design-In Sandboxes. Cisco’s new IoT Design-in Program is a new systematic program designed for equipment builders, integrators and industrial control system partners that integrate or embed Cisco IoT products into their solutions. The program accelerates time to market by helping them develop, market and sell the integration of Cisco IoT products into their solutions.

The Cisco IoT Design-In Sandboxes are unique as they allow developers to test specific use cases and applications on industrial switching and industrial routing/gateway products – real Cisco IoT hardware within the sandboxes.

For CLEUR, DevNet is expanding sandbox capacity, increasing ease and accessibility for IoT developers to engage with these hardware-supported sandboxes. This offering will build upon the initial delivery and provide a real-world test of the technology and software that power Cisco IoT devices and automate the network and network functions.

Updated Docker Learning Lab

At Cisco Live US in June 2019, DevNet launched our Docker Learning Lab series. Now, with technology updates, we have updated and provided a new Docker Learning Lab to help customers and partners that are interested in learning how to build an IOx application with Docker. This will support those developers, especially Cisco Kinetic GMM developers, that still need to know how to use IOx since Kinetic GMM does not support Docker builds presently. There is also an added section covering the differences between platforms using LinuX Containers (LXC) and Docker engine.

This new release addresses feedback gathered from the IoT developer community and takes into account technology updates.

New IOx CI/CD Pipeline Sandbox

Anyone working within DevOps knows the importance of understanding a CI/CD pipeline – and for those working with IoT devices, the need for an efficient connection between development and operations is paramount.

To help developers on their journey of learning CI/CD pipelines and using them, DevNet is launching a new CI/CD Pipeline Sandbox at Cisco Live Europe. This is a new sandbox offering distinct from the original CI/CD Pipeline Sandbox launched at Cisco Live US in June.

This IOx CI/CD Pipeline Sandbox allows you to experience and skill up on leveraging a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery software development cycle for Cisco IoT and Edge Compute applications. It allows you to take code from a repository, build, commit, publish and deploy docker/container-based images into the Cisco IOx Application Ecosystem – all by issuing in a git commit to your repository.

IoT Developers: Get Started Now!

Begin using these new IoT tools and training now using the following links:



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