As the world returns to work, new technologies, focal points, practices, and responsibilities are raising the bar for networking excellence. Operators continue to meet rising application demands in an accelerating and evolving digital business environment.

Advanced network analytics and automation solutions are essential to manage these ever-growing requirements with the same resources. The result is increased visibility, faster troubleshooting and remediation and greater control over the network infrastructure, networked resources, connected end users and endpoints.

Operational management tasks are made even more complex with increased number of cloud-native, scale-out applications. A multi-cluster strategy may deliver smaller, easier to build clusters, but it also means that managing them becomes more complex. Intelligent and autonomous networks will increasingly become the norm to manage this complexity. The Cisco Nexus Dashboard is designed to simplify and centralize operations across multiple sites with distributed and shared data environments, regardless of whether it is on-premises data centers, hybrid and/or the public clouds.

AIOps fuels network automation

Automation is a high priority challenge for enterprises. According to IDC research, by 2023, 60% of enterprises will deploy AI-enabled tools and functions to manage network performance issues proactively to deliver improved performance of applications by as much as 35%. 1

Cisco Nexus Dashboard offers that simple to consume and use model. It’s also highly reliable, secure, and delivers value with predictable outcomes. It’s intelligent to adapt proactively and resolve issues simply using AIOps to cross the chasm from an already crowded network toolbox.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard makes it easy to monitor and manage this global network “nervous system” where network operators are expected to leverage pervasive real-time telemetry and visibility to provide faster identification, isolation, and automated resolution of network events and security incidents.

AIOps significantly advances the inputs and insights of network analytics solutions. Systems that adjust their data gathering and processing capabilities using AI operate at significantly faster levels of optimization, drive not only much improved network service quality but also enable IT Ops and DevOps teams to work faster and smarter.” – Thomas Scheibe, Vice President of Data Center Switching at Cisco.

Data everywhere

With multiple sites across the globe, on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud, monitoring the network is an onerous challenge.  A multi-cluster strategy enables operators to apply different data rules in different locations. As more cloud-native workloads are used, the challenge of managing the data flows will become a more visible management issue. Cisco Nexus Dashboard One View simplifies the management activities associated with multi-cluster and multisite management.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard One View
Figure 1: Cisco Nexus Dashboard One View

All this data and analysis drives more precise, automated actions. In fact, the journey towards automation brings together multiple operating domains, including NetOps, SecOps, CloudOps, and DevOps.

Novus ordo seclorum: In with the new

As a part of the simplification journey, we’ve consolidated and renamed some of your favorite services hosted on the Nexus Dashboard platform. Now, you can experience them individually and collectively in a simpler, optimized way.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Centralized Services
Figure 2: Cisco Nexus Dashboard Centralized Services


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1 IDC, Five Key Trends Driving the Enterprise Networking Market in 2021, doc #US47488821, March 2021


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Leader, Product Marketing

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