Last updated 4.10.2019

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Thank You!

At Cisco Live Orlando 2018, Chuck reminded all of us how applaudable you network engineers and managers are. You enabled our world of internet, e-commerce, mobile devices, collaboration, AI, IoT, you name it! All was made possible by what you do.

As You Innovate…

As you and your business continue to innovate, you will face the risks that come with it, and security must be one of the top priorities. For this, Cisco has designed Cisco Tetration that brings you holistic workload protection for multicloud data centers.

Top Notch Data Center Security

To get started, the following series of light-board videos will help you understand conceptually what are the security aspects you need to pay attention to, and how Cisco Tetration can address your data center security and visibility problems. At the end of the videos, I recommend you to watch a series of demos.

From oldest to newest:

Network visibility with Cisco TetrationOverview: Cloud Workload Protection with Cisco Tetration

Learn how to protect cloud workload with Loy Evans, a must-have knowledge for all network/data center administrators




Cisco Tetration for Network VisibilityOverview: Difference Between Whitelist and Blacklist Policy in Cisco Tetration

Learn what the differences between Whitelist and Blacklist policy are, and how you can use them for a more secured network.




Data center analyticsOverview: How to Use Annotations to Provide Key Context in Cisco Tetration

Learn how to use annotations to provide key context for the information you see in Cisco Tetration and make better assessment to build a more secured data center.




Whitelist and blacklist policyOverview: How to Solve the Network Visibility Problem with Cisco Tetration

See how you can solve your network visibility problems.




Network security


Overview: Network Visibility vs. Host Visibility with Cisco Tetration

Learn what the differences are between network visibility and host visibility, what type information each of them present, and how to make better assessment about your network.



Overview: How to Focus Your Machine Learning using Scopes in Cisco Tetration

Loy Evans explains how Cisco Tetration gathers and analyzes data. You will understand why it’s the most advanced analytics and security tool for your data center.




Overview: Turning On Segmentation in the Data Center with Cisco Tetration

Loy Evans explains how segmentation in the data center is made easy with Cisco Tetration.




Overview: Effective Segmentation for the Cloud or Data Center – Cisco Tetration

Loy Evans explains why segmentation is difficult and how Cisco Tetration can make it easy.




Overview: How to manage segmentation policy with Cisco Tetration

Loy Evans explains what declarative policy is, how you can create policies within Cisco Tetration, and how to maintain a policy that is accurate, as the number of applications grow and flex dynamically.




Overview: Looking into the essential information that Cisco Tetration uses

Loy Evans dives into what types of data there are, where they come from, and how Cisco Tetration uses them. This helps explain how Cisco Tetration gathers data center insights fast and accurately.





Impressed by these concepts yet? Watch actual demos to see Cisco Tetration in action:

Cisco Tetration Demos