The software market has changed radically over the last three or four years.  So have software license models.  Big Data, cloud and mobile have forced changes.  One of the most significant is the sun setting of the standard – the perpetual license.

Perpetual licenses redirect scarce resources to negotiate pricing.  For both you and the vendor with no value generated.  They increase business risk.  Force you to pay for functionality that may not be consumed for another few years. They divert money targeted to new initiatives.

Hybrid cloud has rapidly become the deployment model of choice to achieve speed and agility.  Approximately 73% of organizations are investigating or deploying worldwide.  What is needed is a new license model that mirrors the consumption model for hybrid cloud.

NOW AVAILABLE! Subscription licenses for Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite.  Watch this video to learn more:

Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite delivers a modular approach to hybrid cloud adoption.  Composed of four “offers,” this solution facilitates your journey to the cloud. It offers a phased approach to automation.  When combined with subscription licenses, your investment can be in line with the functionality and value you need today.

The concept of subscription is simple.  Remember subscribing to magazines?  Sign up for the number of years desired.  At the end of the term, simply renew.

The concept is the same. Start with Infrastructure Automation.  When combined with a 1-year annual license, your business can begin its journey at a lower entry cost.  40% less than what you would experience with perpetual licensing.  At the end of the subscription term, simply renew.

Your business experiences real value.  It can start small.  Pay for the automation you need now.  Then expand. Risk is reduced.  No sunk costs for an expensive solution. No need to trade-off between business innovation and software.

Business transformation is happening. It’s all about stepping up organizational performance. Years of managing data and accelerating business has taught Cisco exactly what is needed to bring speed and simplicity to your business.

Take the next step.  Read this overview or visit us to learn more about the next generation of hybrid cloud.