Our Next Step in Customer Experience 

April 2, 2019 - 16 Comments

At Cisco, we’ve spent the past 30 years helping our customers solve their toughest technology challenges. We’ve brought our expertise to all kinds of projects, through deep and lasting partnerships all founded on a simple ethos:


“Whatever it takes, we’ll get the job done.”


IT projects are now more complex and interdependent than ever, spanning multiple technology domains. Environments and requirements change daily, meaning agility must be a way of life, not just a buzzword. And all this while embattled in-house teams are short of resources and critical skills. 

You can see why 81% of IT leaders say they feel under “extreme pressure.”

A new blueprint for technology change: Cisco Customer Experience 

Cisco Customer Experience: an organization and approach that puts all of Cisco behind you, at every step of your technology lifecycle. We’re keeping the best of what you love about Cisco today, but mapping this into streamlined model for engaging with you, customers, and partners. 

Our commitment is simple: to help you get more value from technology, faster, whether you’re focused on optimizing your current investments, or making the most audacious transformations. 

Here’s what you can do with Cisco Customer Experience at your side.


Achieve your vision together with our insight and expertise 

We’ve made it our goal to help you deliver extraordinary experiences to your own customers. Today, we have more than 27,000 people around the world working daily with customers and partners to build solutions that delight and inspire.  

Here’s one example. 

When Dubai set out to show the world a bright new future at its Expo 2020 event, it knew that technology was to play a central role — not only in running the event itself, but to lay the foundation for a smart city called District 2020. We at Cisco are helping the Expo 2020 team bring this vision to life by designing a secure intent-based network and digital signage system that will delight 25 million visitors during the six-month event. 


“Cisco Advisory Services worked with Expo in identifying and validating the underlying digital services portfolio to enable Expo to undertake the challenges of operating a complex event and ‘wowing’ its visitors across their journey. Achieving our targets may seem daunting but if you work with reliable partners, you can do anything.”


Deliver projects at the most ambitious scale and speed 

Rakuten Mobile Network (RMN) set out to build a greenfield 5G-ready mobile network for Japan — using a cloud-native architecture that is fully virtualized from radio access to core, with end-to-end automation for both network operations and services — and it wanted to launch commercial services in just eight months. 

With a multi-national team of 60 specialists from 12 nations, Cisco Customer Experience is leading an ecosystem of vendors to tackle engineering and design, system integration, testing, validation, security and operations.

The result will be the world’s first fully automated virtualized RAN deployment, with the ability to deploy cell sites in minutes, not weeks. The power of this network model will enable RMN to deliver a broad suite of services including consumer mobile, IoT, rich media and low-latency services including augmented and virtual reality.  


“Rakuten is taking a cutting-edge approach to mobile networking, modeling a new type of network that is software-powered and automated from top to bottomWith this design approach we mapped out with Cisco and a carefully selected vendor ecosystem, we believe we can offer high-value services at more affordable costs, helping our customers to share the true benefits of cloud innovation.

Capture opportunities with data and digital platforms  

To accelerate the value you get from your IT every day, we’re continuously innovating in the insights and digital platforms we make available to you and your teams.


They put the data you need to make better decisions in your hands, right when you need it. And with the ability to automate operational tasks, you get the speed you need, too.


A great example is our Business Critical Insights platform, part of our Business Critical Services offer. Already it gives you access to a host of telemetry about your infrastructure, across multiple technology domains, all in one place. This data is enriched with insights from millions of other Cisco devices. With predictive analytics we can show you which infrastructure devices are likely to fail, point out risks, and help you automate management tasks to assure the health and compliance of your estate. And with APIs baked in, you can put this data where you need it to be. 

It’s all about the journey 

The world you operate in today is one of chaos and wonder. It’s a time of great opportunities — but only if you have the support you need to seize those moments and follow through, from the first glimmer of an idea, through the most complex of integrations, to the daily drumbeat of operations.


At Cisco Customer Experience, we’re with you on this journey, helping you move faster every step of the way. 


And this is a journey for us, too. As Cisco continues this ambitious evolution, we can’t wait to share our many new innovations, new offers and new ideas for how to make technology work harder for youSo come talk to us. Share with us your stories and your ambitions — and let’s discuss how we can help make them happen. 

Meet us face to face at Cisco Live in San Diego or a Cisco Connect event, or connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. 


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  1. I am sad that the diagrammatic representation is very odd and confusing. Also it has a lot many buzzwords without significantly showcasing what is changing. Underlying process still looks same to me.

    It's more complex than an infinity around customers, with a weird dissection. Think of it more like an onion. It's layered and its not just Cisco, but partners, ecosystem, service providers and everyone else involved in that journey.

    • I appreciate your feedback. The lifecycle diagram is our way of demonstrating that we are proactively focused on the full customer journey and the distinct requirements of each stage. Doing so allows us to be particularly thoughtful about the products, services, and experiences that we are creating along the way in order to ensure that we are helping customers get to their business outcomes faster. You are completely right in that there is an extraordinary ecosystem that activates this lifecycle and, ultimately, delivers success for our customers.

  2. It’s a great news to know that Cisco is going to implement automation to deliver extraordinary Customer Experience. Customers who are like the pillar of an organization should be treated with great importance and enthusiasm and they should not be left with the feeling being neglected and ignored. So from my point of view, automation in customer service is a welcoming step to achieve that objective.

    • Thanks for your comment, Maria. Cisco prides itself in putting customers at the heart of everything we do. Our renewed focus on the Cisco Customer Experience allows us to be even more proactive about the success of our customers along every step of their journey with us. Automation, Data Insights & Analytics, and AI play a big role in helping us deliver value and real business outcomes at scale.

  3. "It's all about the journey" – well said @MariaMartinez

    However, it is easier said than done, even with all of Cisco's might behind the customer's journey. Changing gears in how software drives customer engagement, improves operations and engenders new business models is the core of digital transformation. Enabling that by leveraging insights from existing data (big or small), integrations of disparate silo'd systems and changing processes and more importantly culture to be data driven is key!

    • You are absolutely right, Sudhir! Amazing customer experiences are powered by data, which is at the heart of our CX approach at Cisco.

  4. User adoption is a common problem for customers,. It has a huge impact on project success. Many companies rely on portals where users can learn on their own, however, numerous behavioral studies show that only 10-15% of any group are motivated to self-learn. Our focus needs to be on the other 85%? JB

    • Very true, John. CX is all about driving adoption and value for our customers. We’ll accomplish this through a combination of both “low touch”/self-serve and “high-touch" offers and services that allow customers the flexibility to engage with us how they see fit, and as their needs evolve over time.

  5. "Customer Experience" starts with an "internal journey" that require that WE (sales, service, channel and support teams) change the way we have been selling and supporting our customers to evolve towards the software recurring model. Don't point the finger toward "one team", it's when we ALL combine our synergy to make it happen that our customer become "successful".

    • Thanks for your comment – I completely agree with you. Great customer experiences start with great alignment, and require that we activate all of Cisco– and our partner ecosystem – to deliver for our customers.

  6. It would be extraordinarily interesting to learn how Cisco is utilizing its own Customer Experience technology within its Customer Journey solutions and the impact it is making to the Cisco customer base in terms of increasing our effectiveness in driving the Cisco customer experience and outcomes.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Rory. This is precisely why I wanted to highlight concrete customer examples in this article. Stay tuned for even more customer stories as we continue to engage customers of all types and sizes in this new CX model.

  7. Maria is driving Cisco Customer eXperience to higher levels. Cisco's commitment to customers success nowadays is stronger than ever.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Hector! Cisco’s commitment to our customers has always been strong but, with CX, that has been bolstered by a new operating model that enables us to take a more unified and proactive approach to the success of our customers.

  8. Awesome! It's always great to read about Maria's views about Customer Experience!!