Reimagine the Future of Work series announcing the availability of solutions that are purpose-built to help companies transform how they work while keeping employees safe, connected and productive.

Custom Vertical Solutions with Partners

Webex helps you to remove technology silos and innovate with ease by developing custom vertical specific solutions.

Telehealth Connector

The Cisco Webex Telehealth Connector provides a quick and simple way to connect healthcare services and patients over web browsers for video consultations scheduled and managed from EPIC Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platforms. Using a browser-based approach means there are no application downloads, no plugins, and no required logins to third party sites.

While physical doctor visits can’t be fully replaced, virtual visits provide healthcare providers and patient’s great benefits:

  • Connect patients with remote experts that otherwise wouldn’t be possible to reach
  • Reduce the cost of healthcare resources and operational costs with less PPE consumed with in-office visits
  • Save time for patients and healthcare workers, enabling additional patient care

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Hybrid Learning Solution in Partnership with Samsung

hybrid classroom with students sitting in fold out chairs and teacher instructing using Webex

Classrooms around the world look different this year. Every school system and educator are trying to strike the best balance between bringing students back to the classroom, and catering to the needs of students who need to attend class virtually. Cisco has worked with Samsung to create a solution ideal for hybrid learning so teachers can simultaneously speak and present to all students in a hybrid environment, Cisco and Samsung have also worked together to ensure all video devices, tablets, displays, and the Webex platform integrate seamlessly, so technology struggles don’t have to be on the minds of teachers and students. Check out how they work together

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See how to create Hybrid Learning Environments 

Integrate Webex Bi-Directionally with Business Applications

Webex helps you to maximize efficiency, automate and innovate by integrating Webex bi-directionally with business applications.

Integrate Webex into Box 

You might be already sharing files from Box onto Webex spaces. But, now keep your workflow momentum going and effortlessly switch to messaging or a live meeting from within a Box document. Let’s say you are reviewing a project plan in Box and you come across a few points that you have questions about. Now with the Webex integration, you can instantly call or message a co-worker from within the document you are looking at. No more having to leave Box, pull up Webex and then start a meeting.

Box Starting a meeting

Unified Messaging (Cisco Unity Connection) with Google Workspace 

Cisco Unity Connection (CUC) Voicemail + Google Workspace allows CUCM-based services with CUC Unified Messaging, to synchronize voicemail recordings and transcriptions to the user’s Gmail inbox for playback. Unity Connection is now integrated with Google Workspace. This means whoever uses CUC and Google Workspace products (formerly known as G Suite) will have all their messages and voicemails seamlessly shown in one place. For example, when you get an email on CUC, you can check it and reply through CUC or Gmail. The actions taken will be presented in your Gmail. So now you don’t have to check your Gmail separately and click through that email again to get rid of the notification and vice versa, ultimately saving you time.

Google Workspace

Integrate Business Applications into Webex

Webex helps you to create seamless workflows by integrating business applications into Webex App.

New feature for SharePoint/OneDrive integration into Webex

How many times have you shared a OneDrive or SharePoint file in Webex and then had to go back and grant access through OneDrive or SharePoint? Now you can share access of OneDrive/SharePoint files with everyone in the space, with just one click. No need to add access to users separately. Keep permissions synced with new member additions with the re-share option. Watch how it’s done!

Integrate Social Applications into Webex

Stay connected with the Twitter bot

If you are one of those people that rely on Twitter to keep you up to speed on what is going on in the world, business top news or funny memes from your favorite account, then this one is for you. Add the Twitter bot to Webex and customize the notifications you would like to receive. Set up notifications to alert you when your boss sends a tweet, your local news station sends out an alert or your kid’s school district updates their status. Get updated an all of them latest information without having to leave Webex to scroll through Twitter.

Our integrations are here to make your life easier. Regardless of which tools you use, we want the work you do to reach its full potential. We live and breathe our mission – stay tuned as we continue to bring new integrations to life!

All part of our strategy of an open ecosystem with our partners.

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