Do you have customers who come to your website, but are unable to find what they need?

Do your contact center agents have to try to explain over the phone how to find something on the website? Or verbally walk customers through forms and processes?

What if your agents could guide customers directly to the right information instead? And work with them to complete tasks?

If the answers to above questions are yes, we have good news for you.

Cisco Remote Expert Mobile and Co-browse provides a quick mechanism to set up a web-sharing session with agents/experts. Here’s how it works:

  • A customer can start the interaction by calling into a contact center via a telephone call or text chat on a website.
  • After connecting, if an agent realizes a co-browse session would more effectively resolve the problem, he or she asks the customer to click on a help icon to generate a co-browse code that the customer gives to the agent.
  • The agent uses that code to start the co-browse session. Now, he or she can see customer’s browser as well as “drive” to highlight, annotate, help fill out forms, and even push documents, images, and urls. This helps the agent work with the customer to find the information or complete the task needed.


In recent reports, Aberdeen  lists the following as benefits of co-browsing:

  • Customer-satisfaction ratings of 78% with co-browsing compared to 47% for web self-service
  • 4X more positive customer mentions within social media channels
  • 3% annual revenue gain from upsell/cross-sell and fee-based consultation
  • Reduced error rate on customer transactions
  • Improved agent satisfaction through more intuitive customer interaction
  • Reduced online shopping cart abandonment

Cisco Remote Expert Co-browse allows you to integrate digital touchpoints into your traditional deployments. Allowing agents to see exactly what the customer sees helps them guide customers efficiently and identify issues rapidly. For customers, it reduces effort and improves satisfaction levels.

Remote Expert Co-browse is simple to deploy and here are some key points to consider:

  • Customer
    • No software install needed
    • No computer microphone, camera setup required
  • Agent
    • Intuitive instructions to give to customer to start co-browse
    • No VoIP troubleshooting needed
  • Enterprise
    • No telephony integration needed
    • Easy to add to website


Are you using co-browsing within your contact center? Have you experienced it as a customer? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

Cisco Spark Event 1.24.17


Ruchi Gupta

Senior Product Manager

Cisco Customer Collaboration