Small customer-care teams often have limited budgets and minimal IT support. Existing customer care solutions are typically too expensive and complex for their needs. Lacking IT’s attention and support, smaller teams often create their own “shadow” solutions by buying online.

But many digital care and chat solutions don’t measure up. If they don’t retain customer context, every interaction starts from scratch. And without integrated callback support, it’s even more difficult to provide a seamless customer journey.

Not only can buying direct online lead to disjointed customer experiences, but security compromises, too.

A Solution
Every day, more businesses are using Cisco Spark to create, share, and get work done together: anywhere, securely, and in the cloud. And today we’re announcing an exciting new offering that extends the value and capabilities of Cisco Spark for customer care.

Cisco Spark care is a digital customer care solution for help desks and small teams of up to about 20 users. Groups like these can use Cisco Spark care to support external or internal customers via web chat and callback.

Cost Effective, Simple, Secure
Cisco Spark care offers a cost-effective customer care solution that’s simple for users to implement. Your agents can view the context of the customer’s previous interactions, which lets them provide faster, more-focused service. And it’s all secure in the cloud, allowing you to easily adjust capacity and quickly take advantage of new capabilities.

Here are just a few of the key features and benefits of Cisco Spark care:

  • Chat: Let customers interact with your care teams via a chat area on your website. Cisco Spark care helps you generate the code needed to chat-enable your website, including customer satisfaction scoring.
  • Callback: Give your website visitors the ability to request a voice callback. And make it simple for agents to respond with a simple click of a button.
  • Desktop: Your care team gets a clean, simple workspace optimized for customer care, including views of incoming contacts, current contacts, and contact history.
  • Reports: View individual and team performance for your care team, including customer satisfaction scores and handling metrics.

It’s not a big production to enable Cisco Spark care within your existing Cisco Spark environment. You administer the capabilities in the same way as other Cisco Spark services. And once other necessary services are set up, it typically takes only about 15 minutes to configure Cisco Spark care.

Get more details about Cisco Spark care or view a demo.



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