Troy Yoder

Global Healthcare Leader

Healthcare Industry Solutions Group

Global Healthcare Leader

Healthcare Industry Solutions Group

Troy is an industry strategist and sales operations executive with over 20 years’ experience in applied technology in healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries. He specializes in healthcare innovation and accelerating digital transformation while guiding global healthcare providers on creating and implementing technology solutions.

Currently, Troy leads Cisco’s Healthcare practice globally for public sector where he advises healthcare providers and payers on how patient and clinician experience is rapidly evolving through applied technology. Outside of Cisco, Troy serves as a board advisor, early-stage startup champion, and executive coach consultant. Prior to joining Cisco, Troy held leadership roles in management consulting firms specializing in healthcare technology with experience across all stages of the continuum of care for large healthcare systems. He has had numerous speaking engagements on the role of virtual health and IoT in healthcare.

Before dedicating his career to healthcare technology, Troy spent over 10 years developing international supply chain models and streamlining complex manufacturing of consumer products across several continents. Additionally, he held leadership roles in international product development, partner management, global sourcing, and international sales teams across North America, EMEAR, and Asia.

Troy holds an MBA in Strategy and Finance from Vanderbilt University and graduated from Michigan State University with dual degrees including a BA in Advertising and a BS in Engineering, Packaging. He currently lives in one of the healthcare capitals of the USA, Nashville, TN.


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