Timothy Chou

Lecturer at Stanford University

Guest Blogger

Timothy Chou has been a leader in bringing enterprises to the cloud since 1999, when he began his tenure as President of Oracle On Demand where many businesses chose to have their enterprise applications delivered as a cloud service. Since leaving Oracle he returned to Stanford University and started the first course on cloud computing. Timothy has been a visible pioneer in evangelizing this major shift in computing. He has appeared in various publications including Forbes, Business Week, The Economist, and New York Times as well as on CNBC and NPR. He has also been a keynote speaker for business and technology audiences in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Timothy recently published a cloud computing trilogy titled Cloud Computing: Fundamentals, Cloud Computing: Operation Efficiency and Cloud Computing: Transformation, which are designed to teach the fundamentals of cloud computing, sharing plenty of examples.

This series is an abbreviated view of the above-referenced Cloud Computing Trilogy, a three cloudbook set, based on Dr. Chou's Stanford class, numerous keynote speeches and several enterprise workshops.

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