Navigating Zero Trust with Advanced Visibility and AI-Powered Cyber Defense

Visibility is essential and foundational to effectively addressing governmental zero trust mandates and guidance. Observability must extend to users, devices, identity, infrastructure, workflows, applications, workloads, and data. Although vital, visibility alone is insufficient to realize effective cybersecurity.

Government organizations must also be able to apply analytics to understand anomalous activity and then drive automation and orchestration to dynamically respond to and reconfigure infrastructure to prevent or at least mitigate potentially malicious activity. Since anomalous activity can also result from poorly performing networks and infrastructure, this integrated approach also enhances user experiences in addition to improving cybersecurity. Empowered by our recent acquisition of Splunk, Cisco can further enrich observability, insights, and actions to better connect and protect government agencies, thereby delivering integrated enterprise cybersecurity resiliency and achieving desired agency mission and business outcomes.

In addition, by augmenting these actions with proven predictive AI and soon generative AI capabilities, AI can become a force multiplier for both further accelerating agency cybersecurity efforts and delivering superior user experiences. Potentially most importantly, AI can help address workforce skill gaps as well as augment and assist our often-overworked cybersecurity and IT workforces. The result: enhanced efficiency and proficiency of enterprise actions to deliver both optimized cybersecurity and user experiences for their agencies.

Insights on Achieving Network Visibility and AI-Driven Security

I recently had a chance to sit down with CyberScoop following their Zero Trust Summit in DC. In this short video (3:11), I discuss the criticality of real-time visibility across government agencies’ networks and share AI’s transformative role in accelerating the adoption of zero trust practices, offering predictive insights and bolstering the capacity of the cybersecurity workforce to proactively counter threats. Watch and see if you share my cybersecurity perspectives:

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Steve Vetter

Senior Strategic Solution Executive and Federal Strategist

U.S. Public Sector