Steve Ridder

Practice Advisor - Wealth

Management, Americas Business Transformation

Steve joined Cisco nine years ago and is part of Cisco’s Business Transformation Practice, focused on the international banking sector. Steve specializes in harnessing innovative technologies to help banking institutions transform their business objectives through increasing revenues, improved productivity, and creating new business models and processes.

Before joining Cisco’s Business Transformation Practice, Steve worked in Cisco Consulting Services Group helping Cisco’s largest banks with their IT innovation, vision and strategy projects. Previously, Steve worked in Cisco’s Emerging Technologies Group where he helped start-up a new business unit focused on the intersection of search and collaboration helping firms locate experts around the world. Working with some of Cisco’s largest clients, Steve helped design, launch and bring to market Cisco Pulse, the Business Unit’s fist product. Steve’s first four years at Cisco were in the sales organization, where he focused on hedge funds and bulge bracket institutions on Wall St.

Steve received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University, with a field of study in Economics.


May 23, 2017


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