Nick Chrissos

Global CTO for Commercial and Small Segments

World Wide Sales

Nick Chrissos is Cisco’s chief technology officer (CTO) for the small- and commercial-business organisations. He is passionate about innovation and technology’s potential to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and create new opportunities for business and society. In particular, Nick advocates for the benefits of technology at even the smallest of businesses, where their challenges are no less significant. He is committed to ensuring that the latest technologies—including those used by the world’s biggest organizations—are available to help small businesses too. For organizations of all sizes, Nick believes that new ways of thinking—seeing the problems businesses confront in a different way—leads to the greatest potential for success. Nick has also served as Cisco’s director of Innovation in EMEAR, as CTO of Collaboration in the UK, and as the head of Unified Communications Technology in Europe. In all these roles, one thing has remained constant: a vision for using cutting-edge technology solutions to transform the way people around the globe live and work. Nick has lived in a number of countries but currently resides in the UK with his wife and two sons.


April 2, 2019


Working together to address the challenges and realize the potential of AI

4 min read

Several of Cisco’s EMEAR innovation centers played host to a series of ‘AI days’. These events gathered subject matter experts with leading technologists from across the world, to discuss, display and showcase the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in transforming the enterprise and revolutionizing the way we do business today.

February 20, 2019


Co-Innovate with us in Barcelona at MWC 2019

2 min read

See Cisco 5G in action at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: for autonomous vehicles, in smart and connected cities, and in the UK’s 5G RuralFirst project for rural communities.

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