Neal Tilley

Cisco Education Advisor

Neal Tilley is a Cisco Education Advisor working in the Education Business Development team within the US Public Sector. With over 25 years of experience in the IT Communication industry, Neal brings insight into how and why technology can make a difference to any education organization.

Before joining Cisco, Neal worked across the world, Neal has been involved in many Education customers’ digital transformations and brings invaluable experience to any institutions mission. His present role at Cisco is focused on helping Educators understand the impact of emerging infrastructure & collaboration technologies on their teaching environment, their students success, their faculty’s development, as well as how to maximize partnerships and associated eco systems.

Neal prides himself on constantly sharing his knowledge and helping translate the latest innovations into the vocabulary of the Education leaders. Neal collaborates with stakeholders to identify the tangible benefits of Cisco IT solutions needed to evolve an Education service tofocus on a student’s digital future. Whether that’s explaining new technologies (like SDN, AI, VR, etc.) or consulting on innovation initiatives (NGDLE, CETL, eRate etc.) with the correct language and relevance.

Neal has helped School Districts and Universities develop new teaching practices with new innovations. Neal has participated, presented and contributed to many education associations and events. Neal serves as Vendor Representative on the ACUTA program committee (until June 2017). He was awarded the Jeri Semer Volunteer Recognition Award for 2016 to services to the ACUTA members. The first ever corporate member to win an ACUTA voted recognition award.

Neal has a Bsc (Hons) degree in Business Studies and a postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (DipM). Before Cisco, Neal developed his diverse technical background by working for several vendors (Xylan, Alcatel-Lucent), System Integrators as well as several large PC manufacturers. All though his career he has always worked with education customers, and has an impressive list of use cases and successes.

Neal is focused on immersing himself into the unique environment every school district, university or college he works with.


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