Mitch Neff

Mitch Neff works with the Talos organization at Cisco. He has ███ years experience in Security, from ████████ to ████████████. Mitch is passionate about security and privacy ██████.

Mitch and ███ ██████ reside in █████, FL.


October 8, 2013


SUMMARY – Martin Roesch on Sourcefire Becoming Part of Cisco

Cisco Security has announced the closing of the acquisition of Sourcefire. Sourcefire founder and CTO (and creator of Snort®) Martin Roesch posted to Sourcefire's blog this morning to share the news:

October 8, 2013


SUMMARY Chris Young: Cisco Closes Sourcefire Acquisition; Delivers Threat-Centric Security Model

Chris Young, SVP of Cisco’s Security Business Group, posted an official announcement this morning on Cisco’s The Platform blog heralding the close of the Sourcefire acquisition. “I am excited to announce that Cisco has completed the acquisition of Sourcefire. With this acquisition, we take a significant and exciting step in our journey to define the future of security. As one company, we offer an unbeatable combination that will greatly accelerate our mission of delivering a new, threat-centric security model”, said Young. Read the full post with all the exciting details here: http://blogs.cisco.com/news/cisco-closes-sourcefire-acquisition-delivers-threat-centric-security-model

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