Mary Anne Petrillo

Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ms. Petrillo brings an innovative marketing approach to her work on Cisco’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) global efforts. With an expertise in marketing education technologies, she has introduced creative ways to stimulate dialogue on how innovative technologies are being used to address some of today’s most difficult challenges.

Her responsibilities include the management of and content strategy for all digital platforms for Cisco CSR, including NetAcad.com -- home to Cisco’s IT skills and career building program, which attracts 1 million students annually. Ms. Petrillo also established and oversees the strategy for Cisco CSR’s social media presence. Her social strategy is to cultivate engagement through powerful personal storytelling, which demonstrates how Cisco’s CSR work can transform people’s lives and address timely challenges.

As part of her innovative approach to online engagement, in 2012 she spearheaded a partnership with the Huffington Post to create an editorial hub called Impact X to showcase stories of people and technology converging for social impact. The content on Impact X consistently generated an engagement rate 24% higher than the rest of Huffington Post. In 2013 Impact X won the Digiday Award for Best Branded Content Integration.

As the communication lead on the Cisco-Intel-Microsoft alliance for assessment reform, creator of the “World’s Largest Classroom” campaign for Cisco Networking Academy, and promoter of Cisco’s The Learning Society, her work supports the rapid evolution of education systems. In 2008 she created Cisco’s education leadership collaborative, www.GETideas.org to serve system leaders with a professional learning environment.

Ms. Petrillo is a strong advocate for the power of collaboration, online and offline. Recently she led the marketing efforts of the Cisco Women of Impact conference and brought together 1100 colleagues from 15 countries to participate in the fundraising event to support of the non-profit Girl Rising.

Before joining Cisco, Ms. Petrillo was Director of Marketing for several educational technology companies, including Scientific Learning, Kaplan K12, Achieva.com, and The Learning Company. Prior to that, she was a creative director responsible for brand strategy, video development, multimedia launch events, and website development.

Her work for Cisco CSR continues to demonstrate an understanding of the interdependency between social and business impact and the great opportunities it unlocks for innovation, growth, and sustainable social impact at scale.


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